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Physical Properties Sources Index (PPSI)

The Physical Properties Sources Index will be shutdown at the end of 2018.

If the PPSI was useful to you and you are sorry to see it go, please leave us a note.


The physical properties source index lists recommended databases, handbooks, and websites (data, definition, measurement) for physico-chemical and other material properties. More ...

Search a property


  • All search strings are right truncated. Thus the search string electr finds electric as well as electronic.
  • If you would like to find properties for given chemical systems, use the preposition "of" to designate the system. For example: Heat capacity of liquids.
  • Alternatively, a property can be chosen from the alphabetic list below.
  • Alle search strings are automatically connected by Boolean AND (restricted search). AND needs not to be entered.
  • The order of search strings is not important.
  • Search is case insensitive, i.e. upper- or lowercase letters are not distinguished.
  • Stop words will be filtered if not marked.