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About the Physical Properties Sources Index


The Physical Properties Sources Index (PPSI) is a tool for finding resources for physico-chemical and other material properties. It is a starting point for queries such as

  • Where does one find a listing of rate constants?
  • Where does precise information on chemical structure (bond lengths, bond angles, torsion angles) of molecules in the gas phase exist?
  • Where do I find the definition of the quadrupole moment?
  • Where are techniques for measurement of viscosity described?

This index does not display the measured values of a physical property of a given compound, for example, values of the dipole moment of water. But it lists the sources that contain the dipole-moment values.

The data sources have been put together and ranked by the Information Center. These sources may be both print and electronic documents and databases that are available in the Information Center, but also in other libraries and even from web directories.

Information for librarians

We plan to extend the PPSI so that it points to the local library holding of the institution where the request came from, e.g. by using a link resolver. Please contact Dr. Martin Brändle.

Feedback and suggestions

For feedback and suggestions please contact Dr. Martin Brändle.

Technical background

The PPSI had been programmed as a system of polyhierarchical thesauri using the database FileMaker. The thesauri are in German and English and can be extended for other languages. AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML) and FileMaker XML/XSLT Custom Web Publishing are used as WWW technologies.