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Publisher Information - 17.11.2008

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SHG Coefficient

SHG Coefficient
Units:m V-1
Symbol:d (l=1...3, μ=1...6)
d (l=1...3, μ=1...6)
δ (l=1...3, μ=1...6)
Synonyms:Second Order Nonlinear Dielectric Susceptibility
Nonlinear Optical Coefficients
Coefficients for Second Harmonic Generation
Translation: DESHG-Koeffizient
FRCoefficient SHG


TitleAuthor(s)MediumLocationRankSorted ascendingQualityRatingQuantitySource typeSystems
Landolt-Börnstein: New Series = Neue Serie Gruppe 3 Vol. 2: Crystal and Solid State Physics = Kristall- und Festkörperphysik Elastic, Piezoelectric, Piezooptic, Electrooptic Constants, and Nonlinear Dielectric Susceptibilities of CrystalsPrint8 F11
72 compoundsData (measured)
Landolt-Börnstein: New Series = Neue Serie Group 3 Vol. 3: Ferro- and Antiferroelectric Substances = Ferro- und Antiferroelektrische SubstanzenHellwege K.-H. ; Hellwege A.M. (Eds.)Print8 F11
Data (measured)Inorganic Compounds
American Institute of Physics HandbookBillings Bruce H. (Ed.)PrintNEBIS22
Data (measured)
CRC Handbook of Chemistry and PhysicsLide D.R.OnlineOnline
Data (measured)Solids

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