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Publisher Information - 17.11.2008

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Eötvös Constant

Eötvös Constant
Definition:According to Eötvös' rule the surface tension decreases linearly with increasing temperature and vanishes near the critical temperature. It can be shown, that γ Vm2/3 = KE(T'c - T), where γ = surface tension, Vm = molar volume, KE = Eötvös constant and T = temperature. T'c is a characteristic temperature lying about 6 K below the critical temperature Tc. KE has a value of about 2.1 10-7 J/K mol-2/3.
Units:J K-1mol-2/3
Translation: DEEötvössche Konstante
FRConstante d'Eötvös


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Landolt-Börnstein: 6. Aufl. Vol. 2 Part 3 Schmelzgleichgewichte und Grenzflächenerscheinungen = Fusion Equilibria and Interfacial PhenomenaSchäfer Klaus ; Lax Ellen (Hrsg.)Print8 A12
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